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Re: PSO2

Post by Elec »

UPPA is an acronym I didn't think would ever get dragged back out into the world, good times

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Re: PSO2

Post by Diadu »

Same. I was hoping it'd be dead and forgotten. It's good to see that people are still whining about pointless stuff on the official forums though.

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Re: PSO2

Post by TrekkiesUnite118 »

I'm on Ship 3 at the moment, but I don't mind making a character on whatever ship most people are on.

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Re: PSO2

Post by Esufer »

holy fuck UPPA i forgot about that

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Re: PSO2

Post by Jaspaller »

O hay, I'm on ship 2. Downloaded the PC version almost a week ago (didn't realize I could run it on Win7) but I'm here now

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