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I've mostly checked out from online socializing and gaming. The handful of games I played in the mid 2000s-early 2010s with active forums have all died. Post gamergate it seems that to engage with gaming you have to align yourself with either of the highly toxic sides. I'm on a few Discords with refugees from those dead communities, otherwise I've long grown out of active trolling and being offensive on purpose and all the drama on social media seems so tiring to me.

I've only re-registered here for the 5th time because I thought about "tupset" and wondered what Diadu was up to.

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Re: Internet Forums

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Yeah Social Media has evolved into a nasty piece of shit. During and a while after GG it was fun to shitpost on Twitter and to be a dick on purpose but then they just started handing out Suspensions for whatever reason or they started muting you. These days Twitter is all about blue checkmarks jerking each other off. The few exceptions that pop up on my timeline are usually fucking morons too. There's this one very loud nig gamer constantly complaining about Sony's censorship - so far so good - but when it turned out that Biden had an island in Animal Crossing to show people that he is with it, the dude started yelling at Nintendo - demanding that they step in and do something about it. Fucking hypocrites man. I think I really lost all interest in Twitter during the whole Net Neutrality thing because that really has shown what pieces of shit hypocrites I got to know on there. Suddenly a screenshot from a Portuguese Telecom company was making the rounds and since it was in Portuguese, most people had no clue what to make of it but the icons themselves were pretty self explanatory. So the NN guys claimed it was a look at a dystopian future where Telecoms can decide what website you access and for which you had to pay more. I have to say, they spun that really cleverly but I knew someone from Portugal and showed her the screenshot. It was basically a screenshot from their mobile data plans.

I'm pulling the numbers out of my ass here but it was basically:
Get 4GB volume for 10€
Get 5GB Volume to Social Media sites for 5€
Get 20GB Volume for streaming stuff like Youtube for 12€
So basically, they offered you different plans for your needs. The NNiggers spun it in such a way that you were paying extra for social media and extra for streaming etc.

I and a few others pointed that out but it was conveniently ignored. One of those NNiggers even claimed that it's fine because it fits their narrative and supports their argument. That's also the time where it really sank in that left or right doesn't fucking matter, they're all manipulative pieces of shit. I distanced myself from a lot of people at that time - I might be a self centered and self serving dick but even I have standards.

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