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Duke Nukem & Iron Fury

Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 1:03 am
by Diadu
Duke Nukem 3D World Tour was released for the switch today (about time to be honest) and at a decent price too. In YUROP it's currently 50% off for 4.99 (9.99 regular) and I got it for free for my gold coins. Have to say it's worth that price. Aside from the usual BUILD Engine shenanigans it plays really well and I absolutely love the new 5th episodes especially the first level because it has shown what kind of stupid shit the BUILD engine can do but I think that only applies if you have messed with the BUILD engine back in the day. All in all I'd say it's worth the small price. The only issue, as far as I can tell, is the audio. For whatever reason the music goes nearly quiet after some sound effects played. That was my TV's audio settings. Geez they have so many odd settings these days.

Now Ion Fury, I recall that game's been out for a while for other systems but it got a switch release recently so I picked it up. All I knew was that it was more BUILD engine goodness. And yeah that BUILD engine jankiness is there from the get go. I was expecting to be reminded of Duke 3D since it kind of became the norm for BUILD but I was surprised when it reminded me more of Shadow Warrior or Blood which is most likely because of the heavy use of voxels and see-through walls/doors/surfaces that the latter two games used heavily. Overall I think it's pretty solid, the main character is nice and can empty an entire bar shelf without adverse side effects. It's a nice blast from the past and if you haven't picked it up yet and are itching for an old school experience, give it a go for whatever system.