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Trails of Cold Steel

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I picked it up by mere chance a couple of months ago and gave it a try and it's surprisingly good. At first the story sounds like the average stuff you've heard a dozen times before, military, empire, nobles, commoners blahblahblah and in the first hour or so it sounds pretty average and dull but the story and setting are presented in a pretty interesting way.

The game isn't open world and usually you are bound to one location which usually consists of a hub or two with shops and NPCs and a few dungeons which usually are roads that, in story terms, lead to other places.

I feel that, while the story and character interactions are it's biggest asset it also seems to be the game's weakest point. I know that there is a direct sequel out there and after I was halfway through the game, I just knew that not all the questions that are being raised will be answered within the game. And the next problem is that there already is a 3rd game, which also acts as a direct sequel, which still has no western release date set. As far as I read, Falcom doesn't want XSEED/Marvelous to do the localization anymore (I don't really want to ask XSEED about it though, feels kinda bad) so people worry that NISA might be doing it, which will probably be very terrible.

Despite that, they are pretty good games and if you are on the fence about them, go ahead and get them. As far as I know they are also available on PC.