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Or is it?

I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but Dreamhost shut this place down for a bit. I am not exactly sure when it happened - I didn't get an email about it. I don't blame them for shutting it down either. The SQL database for this place has gotten really big (1+ GB). Let that sink in for a moment. That must have been an awful lot of users and posts. At our peak our database was maybe 80~ MB. Maybe the bridge between WordPress and PHPBB was to blame as well. Double the input, double the fun.

Anyway, when I saw that database I really didn't want to bother backing anything up. Going through all that seemed like a massive pain so I simply nuked it - along with the wiki. I also deleted the contents of the forum and the wiki - if I wanted to bring it all back up it would be a fresh start. The wiki was probably a total mess by now from years of neglect and the forum...well I probably would have jumped a few versions and that's never a good thing.

That which you see here, the forum, is as big as it will get. I might be messing around with themes for a bit but other than that, this is it. Whether you use it or not is up to you, I will keep checking in every couple of days to keep things updated.


On a personal level, I thought it was a bit sad that things went the way they did but I guess all things have to come to an end eventually. We had a grand time shitposting when Phantasy Star Universe was still a thing. I will always look back fondly at the whole stuff involving Remedy or Silver19 (RIP UPPA though, they didn't deserve it). Or when Iria lost his shit when I posted 9/11 memes. Man, and who could forget when I replaced the Drama City forum with a Meatspin link? I still remember how upset momonpso was. I still remember her messaging me on AIM asking me "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!". Or when Sega picked regular users to be forum moderators and some of them thought they were really fucking smart because they had access to Drama City (was user only at that point) and how we played them. Good times. Later on Twitter I found out that I even had a silent "admirer" all the time - it was pretty shocking to meet someone who still remembered us and the chaos we caused.

Then there was the whole Furry thing. I recall posting a long rant about how Furries are the worst and should be ejected into the sun. That guy had the nerve to report us to Hostgator who actually considered it hatespeech and locked the site down. I remember how that customer rep picked out quotes from the post - he seemed quite mad. I hid the topic in a hidden forum and that Furry was celebrating on another forum about his victory. Then we moved to Dreamhost, I moved the topic to the public forum again and he swiftly tried this whole hatespeech thing again and they simply told him to get lost. That was pretty neat.

After that came the whole Schthack drama - Chrono grabbing the donation schekels and running off to Mexico - well technically he kinda was in Mexico or something like that but I don't quite remember the details. It was pretty damn hilarious - it was also pretty damn hilarious to watch the disgruntled Schthack users tear each other apart on our forum. Yeah, I felt a bit sorry for them too, after all they just found out that their caring administration turned out to be a total fucking fraud and pocketed the money instead of taking care of the game. If I remember right, in the end he didn't even bother to keep backups which ultimately caused a temporary closure because the HDD with all the info was busted.

Let's not talk about the whole GamerGate thing, at first it was a pretty neat thing but slowly turned to shit. I am surprised it still exists but from what I hear it's being kept alive by some has-been e-celebs who either try to cling to their fame or who like to invoke it as the boogeyman that is still haunting women and minorities.

Anyway, despite some petty squabbles, I do like to think that we had a good time while we were here and while I didn't always get along with all of you, I still considered you friends - as much as you can consider some dude over the Internet your friend. Thanks for the fun times.
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