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Title: Open World Games
Post by: Diadu on March 31, 2018, 10:03:34 PM
I think open world games these days have the massive flaw of being extremely boring and unfun to explore.

I want to use Fallout 4 as an example because it was the most recent open world game that I have played. On the surface it's pretty fun to walk around in the Commonwealth and discovering places. But that's as far as the exploring fun goes.

It probably comes from how fucking uninteresting the places you discover are. At one point I simply stopped entering buildings because they are either blocked off halfway because they are used for a sidequest or they have a skyrim-esque lootchest with an exit next to it right at the end - and that's really it. On your way to said lootchest you mow down Talon Company 2.0, Raiders or Synths and that's that. I had far more fun exploring the buildings in 3 and New Vegas because, unlike 4, they actually contained some interesting terminal entries or other things that explained the background to you. Another big thing about Fallout 4 is how the whole thing falls apart if you enable legendary effects at the workbench or eliminate the need for construction materials - because both of these things are the only incentive one can have to go out and explore things..
The whole thing is kind of like Jaspaller said, you explore the world, there are some enemies or some mundane thing to do and you do them just because and eventually get burned out.

This gen, the only two open worlds I had any fun with were Witcher 3 and Watch Dogs. Yeah Watch_Dogs had some serious issues but they patched most out and now it's actually worth the bargain bin price. A lot of people say that Witcher 3 falls flat in a lot of aspects compared to the other games, can't really weigh in on that as I never really gave Witcher 2 a serious go but 3 actually managed to keep me entertained all the way through until the end and both expansions. Obviously, most places you find on the Witcher 3 Map are bandit camps, or drowner camps or ghoul camps or bear camps or dragon camps - it really isn't very diverse in that regard but the feeling of danger the game gives you early on kind of evens the whole thing out - I actually did have fun fighting bandits and ghouls and drowners while I was carefully exploring the map - it brought in money and materials - even on my second playthrough I cleared out all the places on the map. But I guess you could say that, if you eliminate the gold angle, exploring these places becomes entirely useless too?
Watch_Dogs was actually more fun that I thought. I had a good time exploring the pretty diverse city, looking up people and messing with traffic. It's the little things that made the game worth playing.

MGS5 was another open world game I could absolutely not warm up to. I enjoyed the stealth thing for a while, it was really solid but the repetitive nature of the missions really made me drop the game eventually.

GTAV has problems of it's own, that the map is boring to explore isn't one of them tbh.

Anyway, discuss, pick this post apart, whatever. Especially weigh in on the Witcher part.
Title: Re: Open World Games
Post by: Elec on April 02, 2018, 08:31:35 PM
I never really had much of a desire to get lost and just "see what I can see" in W3. The game felt way more open than 1 or 2 did, as best as I can recall, but I was ok with just checking out whatever happened to be inbetween Geralt and the next storyline quest; only really went out of the way once, because I heard about an old character having a small set of sidequests.

MGS5 being open world was almost enough on its own to turn me off from playing it, but the rest of the game mechanics ended up finishing the job. Really didn't wanna be bothered with the base, recruitment, and all of the other crap introduced in Peace Walker(plus the repetitive missions, as you mentioned). PW was cool, but in 5 I was hoping for some plain old tactical espionage action.

The only open world game I've really picked apart in this gen is Skyrim, have about 2000 hours across all platforms. It is a mess of a game, but it was just about the only modern game w/ character creation and an open world in a fantasy setting, so I had a lot of fun just making like 40 different characters and setting random objectives for myself.

Skyrim aside, my most satisfying single-player open world experience recently was probably WoW. Made a character with a challenege to try and solo every dungeon until it was mathematically impossible/stopped being fun. Actually walking through the regions from dungeon to dungeon and doing quests/goofing off on the way was way more enjoyable than just waiting for the group finder to beep. Made me better mechanically too, because you aren't allowed to suck when you try to clear 5-man content alone. Not really a "traditional" open world game, perhaps, but going into high level dungeons/zones regardless and just seeing how far I can get ended up making the game way more fun than raids or PvP ever did.

Do Yakuza games count as open world? Neither city in 0 is particularly large, but finding all of the silly sidequests was very entertaining.
Title: Re: Open World Games
Post by: Diadu on April 03, 2018, 02:00:11 AM
The gameplay in MGS5 was great. The sneaking part, infiltrating a base without being seen, was great. But everything around it, having that base and the open world made the game such a chore at times. Another problem that came with that was the mission area. It often feels like that you are being shoehorned into a certain direction which kind of flies into the face of the open world concept. Two or three times I found myself in a spot where I could have taken a route to avoid danger but that route would have led outside of the mission area and resulted in a failure. I mean, it all ties up rather neatly - You need materials and people for your base, you need the base to make better weapons and you need those weapons to get through missions more easily. But what they didn't account for (or did account for with the pay2win currency) was that the first two steps became repetitive and boring really fast.

In contrast I enjoyed the grind in W3. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the world and slaying bandits and bandits in drowner costumes. What really got me was that it showed a more dirty side of fantasy. I think that was something that really got me interested. I never forget getting to Skellige for the first time, that was really awesome. Boats were a chore in that game but there was something about being out there in the open sea with no land in sight, diving for treasure. It was really cool and I think, if the setting is your thing, they really nailed it in making the world not so boring. Which character do you mean? Off the top of my head I can think of two side questlines that involve characters from other games.. Part of the reason why I did the side quests was that I didn't know a whole lot about the world or monsters and a lot of side quests introduced those to you.

I honestly don't think there is any shame in liking skyrim. I spent my whole summer vacation playing the SSE on PS4 with mods. It was awesome. I can honestly say that I enjoy the game and it's world. The music and scenery just go so well together. While I always play the same type of character, I make it a point to add some role playing elements. Like I try to find shelter during rain or snowstorms or try to go everywhere on foot. I did the same in Oblivion, although it was impossible to seek shelter from rain because the rain was really just a raincloud hanging over your character. Here I didn't even mind the loot chest with a backdoor to the entrance at the end of a dungeon. The places are usually caves or ruins or something where it isn't all that absurd to have hidden pathways.

I guess you could count Yakuza games towards the open world genre. While technically true it feels the world is a bit too small. I agree, Yakuza 0 was great but my main gripe with Yakuza games is that I can't stomach additional playthroughs. To me those games live from the plot twists and desire to know more alone and once I know the story and all it's twists I feel no desire to play them again.

Another open world game that comes to mind, now that you mentioned WoW, is Kingdom's of Amalur. That game was Wasted Potential: The game. It had such a beautifully crafted world and a nice story and side quests too. Even the expansions were really nice but then they added a fucking level cap and I hit that in the 2nd area of the game and all my desire to explore or quest died off instantly. If the game didn't have that goddamn level cap, I would have enjoyed every part of the game. But as soon as you hit max level, every incentive to do quests or explore vanished. Which is a real shame because the game itself was really well done - it had great looking areas, some of the enemy designs were really neat too and the story was interesting, they added books for background lore that you could read. I can't repeat it often enough how well done all this stuff was but then you hit the level cap and it's like "Show's over guys".
Title: Re: Open World Games
Post by: Elec on April 04, 2018, 10:35:24 PM
Title: Re: Open World Games
Post by: Diadu on April 04, 2018, 10:38:43 PM
Oh him. Well there are also a bunch of sidequests involving Dijkstra and one of your Witcher friends.
Title: Re: Open World Games
Post by: Elec on April 06, 2018, 01:52:36 AM
I remember doing those, but didn't remember them being side quests. Whoops
Title: Re: Open World Games
Post by: Diadu on April 06, 2018, 03:29:09 PM
The one with your Witcher friend was about finding another Witcher to settle a score with him.

I am not sure how far you did Dijkstra's quests But as far as I remember it, the whole killing the king thing went a bit further. At the end you had to decide between him and Roche. I am fairly sure the main story part about it ended once the King was dead and that blind sorceres was satisfied.
Title: Re: Open World Games
Post by: Elec on April 07, 2018, 11:49:52 AM
I think I finished the whole thing, because Roche and his subordinate helped defend against the spooky nords. Don't remember ever fighting the other guy, but I guess I must have.
Title: Re: Open World Games
Post by: Diadu on April 07, 2018, 08:16:11 PM
They do, that whole part takes place after defending Kaer Morhen.
Title: Re: Open World Games
Post by: Esufer on April 21, 2018, 03:59:36 PM
best open world is soul reaver
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