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Other / Re: Bought a Shield TV
« on: October 18, 2018, 09:39:48 PM »
Well I finally got some emulators and roms running. I'm surprised at how well SNES9X Ex+ runs starfox. The button latency is really hard to put my finger on... at times it feels like it's perfect and at times I feel like I'm overthinking it. But either way, it runs well enough to get my seal of approval. I've got an SN30PRO gamepad as well that I had planned on testing with bluetooth and wired. I'm hoping it's good because I got crazy latency when using it on my Switch wirelessly.

I'm pretty happy with how the PSP emulator runs too. Feels great playing Maverick Hunter X in 1080p and fullspeed (maybe I'll try out phantasy star portable as well). I still wish I went with the 500Gb model but oh well. I'll be trying out streaming games on the weekend probably.

Other / Re: Bought a Shield TV
« on: October 14, 2018, 08:15:08 AM »
Well I went and bought the streamer edition. I'm hoping to get it setup fully in a week or something. I'm definitely excited to see what I can do with streaming games and such... I'm sure there's gotta be a way to stream emulators on my PC if I wanted to play something like a PS2 (or something completely incompatible with the ShieldTV emulators).

Other / Re: Bought a Shield TV
« on: October 08, 2018, 06:02:09 PM »
I'm more or less sold on the idea of the shield TV. I'm probably gonna get myself that 500GB model though (never know what else I could use it for). I looked it up a bit and from the sounds of it the shield TV is discontinued now? I was hoping they would bring out a bit of a newer model but meh, it'll do. I just don't like that price tag... just means I'm gonna have to wait a bit for a better sale or until I have more money.

Getting files/APKs on it easy to do with just a USB stick right?

Other / Re: Bought a Shield TV
« on: October 02, 2018, 05:02:47 PM »
But I think it's working fine overall. Man the problem is, it's been forever since I played the originals like Sonic 3 so I think it's very difficult to gauge whether or not the response time is adequate. But, on a personal level, I think it's acceptable. I was able to play King's Field II, some other PSX games and a bunch of SHMUPs on the PC Engine without any issues.

I can't really comment on the latter because I am not much of a PC gamer, sorry. I can tell you that the GTA ports work like a dream.
That's good to know. I had been thinking of getting a raspberry Pi for the longest time to use as an emulator box but this sounds like a much better idea.

I actually have one question myself. I wanted to give HL2 a try before spending $10 on it but for some odd reason the game refused to run and instead wanted to download the data. If you pirate it, it comes with the *.apk and the data folder. And it's the second game of this nature that refuses to run even though I did everything as instructed. Any idea what's up with that?
Weird. Maybe it's not in the right folder? To get Jet Set Radio working on my phone I had to do something similiar. Install the APK, then move the folder containing the .obb file into the right spot. Then when you run the installer it would see the file is there and continue the install properly. If it wasn't in the right place, just tell you outright it's missing files and needed to download it. Maybe it's different for Shield TV, but for me I had to put my files into Internal Storage > Android > Obb > (Whatever the jet set radio folder was called) > (File).obb

Might as well throw in my 2 cents about media playback.

I originally bought it to watch pirated legally obtained animu. The Gintama episodes I downloaded were mkv encoded in H.256 (I think that's the proper one) and my Pi had issues with it.

The shield came with Plex and that initially refused to play them and now still has quality issues when playing them. Oddly enough, KODI and VLC have absolutely no issues playing any of the files I have so I guess Plex is using some shitty decoder. In the end, I ended up using Plex as a backend to sort and categorize my episodes, while KODI serves as the front - getting information fed by Plex and playing the files.

Kind of weird. Glad I decided to try out VLC and KODI after Plex failed me.

It might be the same issue I had when I used to watch animu on my old Galaxy S3. Might be a different issue but here's what I know from my understanding. Android devices have a chip that allows them to natively decode certain video codecs/formats/etc. If the chip supports the video codecs/formats or whatever then it's rendered using hardware. If it's not supported then it won't run properly or at all. I use(d) MX Player for my unsupported videos sometimes and it has the option to render by hardware or software (I think this is just CPU). It kinda sucked because if the video was too high quality and running a new format my phone didn't support it would chug and lag alot.

VLC and Kodi are probably rendering them by software, hardware or if it's like MX Player then it can use both together which is pretty cool. It's pretty annoying when subbers decide "Oh hey it's a new format that saves me a few MB and makes the picture look a little more contrasted and realistic so it's a good idea to upgrade!". It breaks compatibility with some devices but hey! It's a New format so New must mean good right?!

Maybe it's not the same issue... in which case I just wasted a lot of time making this big post lol, but I think it's the same idea. New format, broken compatibility with older chips etc.

Other / Re: Bought a Shield TV
« on: October 01, 2018, 03:55:14 PM »
How is the button lag/delay on it when playing games? It's using bluetooth for controllers right? And how is it when streaming games from your PC?

Nintendo / Re: Switch
« on: May 13, 2018, 07:33:11 PM »
wife bought me a switch for my birthday
splatoon 2 is gud
shantae half genie hero is gud
Fite me bruh. I mean, add me SW-1854-6879-4963
I bought the day one ultimate edition of shantae. The mighty switch force mode makes me extremely happy. I never bothered playing the other games but it's probably about time I did.

How is the plastic on the controller swap? I've heard some of them feel pretty off. Not using the proper grade of plastic I guess.
The plastic itself is smooth. The regular shells feel a little grippy in comparison so I can see what they mean when they say it feels off. Also it feels like it's a little less rigid... like I could bend it by squeezing it if I wanted to, but not enough to break it.

PC / Re: Ultimate Chicken Horse
« on: April 03, 2018, 05:25:47 AM »
It does look neat but on the other hand I can absolutely not dig the art style
I really don't mind the artstyle. In fact I feel like it adds to the goofiness of the game lol

Nintendo / Re: Switch
« on: April 03, 2018, 05:22:09 AM »
Those joycons look pretty neat. Reminds me a bit of a Gamecube controller I had.
These ones in particular are based on the old N64 controllers (and the Gameboy Color). For me the cherry on top for the shells though is the extra colored buttons. It just makes the already awesome shells look even more amazing. You know I could have sworn that there were see through gamecube controllers as well but I guess they were of the unofficial kind (like madcatz)

Either way I love the transparent shells for anything. Being able to see the insides has always been interesting to me. I'm just not a big fan of having to do it myself like these joycons.

Some of those case swaps look really cool, I am probably gonna get orange, in honor of my N64.

If you do decide to do that just be careful with tightening the screws. Do it too much and buttons become stuck and unresponsive... do it too little and things won't fit back together well. Also make sure that the battery connector is back in tight. I gave myself a scare when it wouldn't charge while connected... turned out that I didn't push the connector to the motherboard in tight.
Might not be worth it to do the actual switch. You're kinda screwed if your switch messes up and you have to send it in for repairs.

Captain Falcon's clone
Took me a bit to get the joke lol. A+

I'm actually warming up to Zelda now, about 20 hours in(a good 5 of those are probably from being afk, too). So far I just get to a high point, look for anything interesting, and then go check it out. Don't really care about saving Zelda, and it doesn't seem like Captain Falcon's clone is gonna show up to make things interesting, so it's been fairly bland as far as the story goes.
The majority of the game was pretty much that for me until I got bored and decided to push myself to finish the game.

My main complaint is that there haven't really been any dungeons so far. There are shrines with different puzzles to solve but none of them are difficult, and most don't have enemies unless the gimmick of that particular shrine is about combat. I have done 2 of the big robot animal dungeons and outside of the bosses, the most dangerous thing has been water. A more subjective issue is that I would rather make my own character than be playing as Link, maybe a rock man or a desert lady. It would fit too, because a lot of places kinda feel like someone has already cleared them and you're just checking out what's left. It does get credit for refining the Assassin's Creed gameplay model of "get to the top of the tower", it's actually pretty fun in this game so far.
See this is one of the big issues I had as well with the shrines and 'dungeons'. They don't feel like dungeons. I liked going to big dungeons, finding the gimmick weapon, and using said gimmick weapon to get through the dungeon. For me it worked. Making small/mini dungeons with the shrines are cool and all but I would've at least liked to see 7 or 8 bigger dungeons like before. Yeah the divine beasts are the second closest thing. Hyrule castle is the closest if you're willing to go through the whole thing, it's pretty huge (or you could just paraglide over half the dungeon). Maybe I'm just spoiled by the usual formula.

I'm not a big fan of popping into a shrine to work on it for a few minutes then going back to doing something else in the game... I just feel it ruins the rhythm I guess?

The guardians and the Lynels are the hardest in the game. Most of the guardians are just annoying because they laser you from afar. The lynels actually test you a bit with dodging and parrying. If you can handle the Lynels you can handle anything really.

Nintendo / Re: Switch
« on: March 31, 2018, 06:22:42 AM »
I am only speaking from gameplay footage I have seen for BotW but I get the feeling that this big open world is a big open world full of nothingness and nothing's more boring than that because you start to think of what could have been and it's something that seems to plague a lot of open world games.
In a lot of areas I suppose that's something I can agree with. Windwaker is still the biggest offender when it comes to an open world full of nothingness (speaking strictly of the Zelda games). BOTW does have enemies and shrines all over the place but eventually you hit the point where you've explored half the map but you feel you've done it all already. Places start to look alike, enemy mobs are few and far sometimes.

I've talked to two other friends about it too and it seems we all got burnt out on the game the same way because of wanting to explore and not doing the objectives. At that point I had to push myself to continue on the main story.

Now I've done most of everything save for the korok seeds, regular sidequests and upgrading every armor I have. I'd like to go back and do that just so I can say I did it and have a perfect file but I've got other games to play right now.

I took the bait and got Zelda about a week ago. I am not having the greatest time but mayhaps it gets better, only 10h in so far. My friend code is SW-3364-3100-3934, we ought to play some Splatoon and catch up on the last like, 9 years. For example, apparently Esufer is married now.
Yes, I still vaguely remember the day when were running MAG on PSU360 and making jokes about a 'Big ol' black dog'. You may not remember it but it was a pretty memorable day for me lol.

Last year I met MidicronicaX in person for the very first time if any of you guys remember him. We were both at a friends wedding and I've gotta say the man is just as hilarious in person as he is on voice chat.

I started switching out the shells for the joycons too. I'm changing to atomic purple with the colored buttons. One side done but and the other to go.

I would post the image or a tweet to an image but it doesn't look to be working on my end.

Anyways, I'm on Discord and Skype if you wanna chat and game sometime.

Nintendo / Re: Switch
« on: March 18, 2018, 07:09:04 PM »
Yessir, have had mine for almost a year now. Most of my gaming time on it consists of Zelda and Splatoon

PC / Ultimate Chicken Horse
« on: March 04, 2018, 07:47:40 PM »

It's an old game but I played this last night at my friends place. It's a fun 4 player vs game to dick around in (does local and online play). It controls kinda like Super Meat Boy. Basically every round you get items you can choose to place on the map to either help towards the goal or screw everyone else over. I'm personally a fan of taking the lead and making the following rounds impossible to win by blocking off the exit.

Also on PS4 and XBONE (with a switch version coming later). I've already got the PC and i plan on getting the Switch version if anyone wants to get rekt.

PlayStation / Re: PS3 CFW
« on: March 04, 2018, 07:36:14 PM »
It then took me a bit to figure out how to get my old copy of Tales of Vesperia translated.

Once that adventure was done, I was finally able to play it. In English. What a blast that was. I have to admit, I was surprised by how well that translation was done. I'd have expected weeb speech like honorifics or leaving in certain Japanese words. But there was nothing like that - it was really well done.

I think they just got lazy about the translation. The whole english translation from the X360 version was on the PS3 disc wasn't it? I thought it was for the most part just a copy/paste except for the new content

PC / Re: Started playing PSO again
« on: February 28, 2018, 05:24:27 PM »
You almost make me wanna come back and play the game. But I have way too many games on my plate already and so little time

Off Topic / Re: good times
« on: February 28, 2018, 05:21:21 PM »
I kinda figured that you had given up on the site when I couldn't get back in. I mean there hasn't really been much going on compared to when we were all having fun with the drama lol. I just thought you completely nuked it and moved on.

So long diadu wiki and all the old posts

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