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Title: Science Adventure
Post by: Diadu on February 24, 2018, 11:58:13 AM
I added spoilers were needed, so hover over them at your own risk.

While I did play them on the Vita, they are actually multiplatform games so yeah. Anyone else read played those? They're a series of Visual Novels, I think the most famous one would be Steins;Gate but there are a few others within the series which all take place in the same universe either before or after Steins;Gate so some of them contain minor or larger references to the other titles.

I started with Steins;Gate a while ago and while I initially disliked Okabe, I grew to like him and the rest of the cast. The whole idea about time travel, in a small scope actually, was pretty intriguing and the way they tried to accomplish it was actually really nice. It felt somewhat believable. They explained the theory quite nicely and you could see how certain events really were grinding away at Okabe's sanity having to repeatedly see your childhood friend dying no matter what you do really got ti him. Overall I think it was really well done and some of the endings and events were really touching.

The next one I played was Steins;Gate 0. I was expecting another massive ride but that ride kind of never came. First thing I noticed was that they've changed the art style which didn't sit all that well with me. There was also suddenly the premise that Russians were doing time travel too and other shenanigans so the scope of the whole thing was suddenly a lot larger and felt more far fetched. I also could never really warm up to the gloomy Okabe. The character endings were really weird too. While in the first, the goal for the endings remained mostly the same, just the end result differed, here the game diverged a lot. A villain in the story was no longer the villain in one of the arcs. Mr. Braun received 2 or 3 redemption arcs. Moeka received a redemption arc too. Both were nice, I thought it was cool but at least for Moeka, the redemption thing is not canon and she actually goes bonkers in the true end.. Overall I didn't really like it as much as the original.

Currently I am playing Chaos;Child. It diverges a lot from the usual science thing and goes more into a slightly psychological and paranormal thing. It's about people having psychic powers and very strange murders happening around you. You slowly uncover a few things and it has quite the twist at the end. It was quite nice but I didn't like the over-acting so much. Best example for that would be when you and your friends infiltrate a basement and are surprised by something and let out a scream, they are told to shut up but then something happens. The game says something like "I let out a small sigh but quickly covered my mouth" only that this small sigh was just as loud as his scream.

I unlocked one of the character endings last night and boy did this make me angry. I got to know one of the characters better and as the story progressed on their arc, I was kind of hoping for their happy ending. Which at first did come. Then came the credits and an extra scene played which has my friends being told that me and that character were found but that I've died when I tried to protect her and since 2 or so weeks had passed I was already rotting away which means the girl was going completely insane. That ending left me pretty angry but I think that's a good thing and I am soon finding out how the other endings play out.

There is also a small nod to Steins;Gate in the game, one character mentioning that she knows a hacker in Akihabara. I haven't played the two Robotics; games yet but I am somewhat curious.
Title: Re: Science Adventure
Post by: Diadu on February 27, 2018, 12:27:09 PM
I 100% Chaos;Child last night and while I personally didn't like the True End, I did like that the character roles and general plot remained consistent throughout the different character endings. So that automatically makes it, from a plot point of view, better than Steins;Gate 0.

Despite some minor hiccups in the localization (Mostly the wrong name being used when the MC describes a situation - At one point he describes Person A so instead of saying "Person A grimaced" he says "Person B grimaced") I enjoyed the story for the most part. The True End brings up some other questions and makes more sense of another question you encounter, but I guess that's how it is with these games.