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Title: BlazBlue or as Remdudu would say BurazuBuru
Post by: Diadu on June 19, 2018, 05:54:20 AM
Kinda wondering where the series will go next. I recently watched a video compiling all the openings and that shit has gone a long way not to mention that we had 3 versions of Continuum Shift.

Recently been playing Cross Tag Battle and while it's entertaining, the whole one button mega combo stuff really fucked with my combo ability in the regular games. I nearly got trashed by a CPU in Central Fiction. But it's fun regardless and I am pleased that they bothered to get the English cast once more which was really a downer in CF (but I picked it up from a bargain bin so whatever). No idea how the online is though as I refuse to pay for PSPlus.

Story wise the whole series has been a fucking clusterfuck. I vaguely remember some things that made no fucking sense later on or just shouldn't be and then there was this whole time travel / loop / repeat thing that only made things worse. Not to mention there have been quite a few rectons like Hazama being Terumi at first but then later he isn't. Actually, when he was made playable in CS he scored 3rd or so in a popularity poll which shocked the devs and jp VAs so they had to recton him to be his own character from CP onwards. Fucking hacks.. I also recall something about Jin being kinda off but I don't remember that one. Then there was the thing with Celica (who was also the nun at the orphanage) and her negative effect on Terumi / Hazama which actually would mean that they were never able to pull off their stunt at the orphanage?

Another thing relating to Hazama is the ongoing confusion over him being Kazuma from the Mangas. On the one hand it is vehemently denied, as Kazuma was thrown, together with Terumi, into the boundary and Hazama is just a new body. But after going over some of the interactions in Central Fiction they are throwing hints out there that he is indeed Kazuma. For one there is an off hand remark he makes towards Terumi and then there is an interaction with Relius which also seems to hint at him actually being Kazuma. His Cross Tag interactions with Platinum also heavily imply it (or he just doesn't care to deny it anymore seeing how Platinum is kind of bonkers).

But yeah, now that this clusterfuck of a story is behind us, I do wonder what will happen next.
Title: Re: BlazBlue or as Remdudu would say BurazuBuru
Post by: Elec on June 26, 2018, 10:31:21 PM
reboot w/ female ragna
Title: Re: BlazBlue or as Remdudu would say BurazuBuru
Post by: Diadu on June 27, 2018, 01:45:11 AM
Well we still got Naoto to take over as nu-Ragna