Downed Susano like a pro

When I joined this practice party, I didn’t think we’d be getting that far anytime soon but we pretty much went from zero to hero in span of a single day.

We actually had to kill him a total of 12 times to get all our weapons as he would only leave us with Monk and Bard weapons mostly. Most of us were expecting our weapon drops on Totem #9 or #10 but that thankfully didn’t happen. ¬†

I can’t say much for healers or DPS but for tanks there are a few things worth noting.

In Phase one he utilizes a mini tank buster of sorts. It has no charge up and he uses it three times total. The first time is shortly after the fight starts and then once after each pushback combination he does. It’s a horizontal swipe attack with his sword and usually happens after 2 regular attack animations.

  1. Shortly after the battle starts, usually 2 of his regular attack animations in.
  2. After his pushback he will do a stack attack, once that is over, he will turn to you again, 2 regular attack animations in, he will do it.
  3. After his push back (this time with no stack up attack) he will hit you once or twice and then use the mini tankbuster again

It’s difficult to put into words and hard to catch a screenshot of, just pay attention to him and you will most likely see it. As a DRK you can use a Blackest Night shortly before he is about to use the attack to lessen the damage.

Phase 2 is fairly simple but phase 3 is what often breaks PUGs.

First of all, to lessen the burden on the healer (and to improve your survival rate) a Tank swap should be used after every Stormsplitter. Stormsplitter hits hard and leaves you with a slashing debuff. To have a smooth Tank Swap, the MT should stop attacking shortly before Stormsplitter hits and the OT should provoke Susano right at the moment Stormsplitter finishes casting. Again, as a DRK you can pop Blackest Night on yourself if you are about to be hit with Stormsplitter or on the other tank if they are about to be hit by it. On that note, there is absolutely no reason not to use it when the other tank is about to be hit, it mitigates around 4700 damage and gives you 50 blood that you can pop into Bloodspiller right away, so both of you win.

The make or break of this phase are actually the lightning markers and people not realizing what to do.

The fight kind of goes like this:

Phase starts

  • Stormsplitter > Tank Swap
  • He marks a total of 4 people with purple markers. These people have to move ¬†across the gap left by his sword. The people will be marked one at a time.
  • Stormsplitter > Tank Swap
  • He again marks a total of 4 people with purple markers. Once again they have to cross the gap left by his sword. One at a time.
  • Stormsplitter > Tank Swap
  • He will mark 4 people again with purple markers. BUT this time the marked people will be unable to move, so the party has to cross the gap this time. Again these people will be marked one at a time, so you will have to cross the gap each time.
  • Stormsplitter > Tank Swap
  • Once again, 4 people will be marked and stunned and the party will have to move again.

Other than that, his skillset is pretty much the same as the normal fight.

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