#GamerGate, Hypocrites and Anita

A game that has spurred controversy is the game “Hatred” by the polish developer team Destructive Creations. While the game may be of questionable value, my personal opinion is that it looks like a nice throwback to the postal games, many outlets were quick to stir up a controversy and giving the game free publicity. Some sites even resort to personal attacks against the developers as seen on an article on Motherboard who goes to say “Does that mean we don’t get to call Destructive Creations living garbage? Not in the slightest!”. It is highly ironic that these preachers are resorting to the same personal attacks that they condemn the masses for. Continue reading


#GamerGate raises over $3000 to stop Bullying in under 2 Hours

So you’ve probably seen all the recent articles hitting the media saying #Gamergate is nothing but a movement to promote harassment, misogyny, and bullying. While there has been plenty of harassment on both sides, it seems that #Gamergate is the side constantly getting the blame.  Well tonight things took an interesting turn.

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